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Open Sources: Technology & Policy Edit

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This book will be addressing the prominent projects in the open source movement, along with its enabling technologies, social characteristics, legal issues, business venues, and public and educational roles.

The Success of Open SourceEdit

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This book talks about the success of open source. The author dwells into the phenomenon of why people would contribute their time willingly to something that offers them no return. The book also shows what kinds of software lend themselves to success in the open source environment.

Open Sources 2.0: The continuing evolutionEdit

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This book is mainly about the development and evolution of open sources with resources from relevant authorities. One of the author , Chris DiBona the director of open source at Google. It talks about why is open source important and how it affect the behind the scenes. For example, Mozilla Foundation is responsible for revolutionizing the web browser interface. It also talks about the rules and regulation relating open sources and how do people or organisation manage them despite having limited resource and vague managing structure.

Understanding Open Source Software DevelopmentEdit

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Understanding open source software development
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This book provides context for OSS in history of software development and analytical framework for describing and understanding OSS. It gives a view on organisations and projects involved in open source as well as the adoption of OSS products, processes and business models.

Peer Reviewed JournalsEdit

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